In this case for "Rajani MD", we generated leads for two particular services, viz. - Lip Fillers and Coolsculpting offered by the client.

We cleaned up the non-performing and low-quality Ads the client already had in his Ad Manager account. It gave us the strategic scope of quality copy placement to generate the medical leads.


Further, we applied our proven strategies like "Golden Hour" and "Budget Tweak" to get the best results for the client.

As visible in the result section, we generated 36 leads for the client within 23 days for a total Ad expenditure of $605.55.


So, even if we calculate each return at an average minimum of $500, clearly we delivered them a business of $18000, i.e. 30 times the investment.

(Average cost of a Coolscuplting session is between $2000 to $4000, as per the official Coolsculpting site.)

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