3 Definite Ways to Generate Medical Leads After the Shutdown

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

A pandemic situation like this demands adaptive and sustainable ways for the healthcare service providers and medical practices to generate medical leads in order to sustain the business comeback after the shutdown.

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While the entire world is slowly coming back to the businesses, there are certain precautions we religiously need to consider. While the fear of Corona is still at large among the people, the fear of not getting adequate clients/patients for the business come-back scares us all most.

As a medical service provider or a practitioner or a practice manager, have you ever noticed that the people are already looking for many services like those you provide?

A recent report from AAMC [Association of American Medical Colleges] indicates that the US is about to suffer from a shortage of the Physicians and Doctors in huge numbers. So, where do you fit in? Are you making the most out of such a shortage? Are you visible to your prospective clients/patients? If not, you seriously need help!!

In this blog post, we are trying to elaborate 3 definite ways to generate medical leads for your business or practice.

1. Optimise Your Website: Many a times, medical service providers and practices overlook their websites in the light of their perceived brand reputation. And that is the biggest mistake anyone can make in the days of advanced Google AI.

Optimise your website contents for certain KWs as per the services you provide. At the same time please consider updating yourself with the latest Google developments like the Temporal Context for Object Detection, Sentiment analysis etc.

It is the visibility of your website that can itself bring a behemoth amount of leads almost flawlessly. Consider using opt-in forms in your landing pages for appointment booking or even for free consultations you provide. It is always advised to optimise your landing pages in the website for the search engines.

2. Leverage Chat Bots or Appointment Bots: This is the age of real-time conversation. People look up to the speedier conversations and replies. Medical services and practices are NO different!

Your prospective clients/patients can easily be hooked to your services if you can have a real-time conversation with them. Leveraging the chat bots & appointment bots is a definite way to generate leads for your healthcare service or practice in 2020.

Platforms like Hellotars, Botsify, Sequel etc. can help you get started with any chat bot requirement you might have. In some countries, WhatsApp chatbots are also very popular. A chatbot is an application that can converse in real time with the knowledge based contents being fed to it.

Chatbot Flow
How Does a Chatbot Work? (Source: Wizeline.com)

Appointment booking bot is simply a customisable version of the chat bot that one can use for appointment booking. Use any chatbot platform and devise it to book the appointments using your filter queries and required data fields. Since, collecting user data in a HIPAA compliant way is mandatory for any healthcare practice, an appointment bot must consider a moderate privacy policy announcement and a cookie policy in place. Chatbots can further be devised to converse in a proper flow using certain KWs and phrases.

3. Use PPC and Social Media Buying: Advertisement on Google platforms and social media giants like Facebook, Twitter etc. has reached a stage like never before. They have become so large that by 2021 digital ad expenditure is supposed to cross a level of $375 billion (according to eMarketer).

To give you an idea on how big the ad budgets have grown on Facebook, I would like to mention the recent corporate Ad brawl on Facebook. The net worth of Mr. Zuckerberg fallen by almost $10 billion in just a week, as the companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever, Starbucks, Honda and many more are boycotting the Facebook ads in the light of inaction towards hate-speeches. Now, you can just imagine how big is the advertising on Facebook.

On a positive note, the derailment of the big companies from Facebook Ads means more opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SME). Since, most of the medical service providers and practices fall under the SME category, now is the

time to leverage the Facebook/Instagram advertising like never before.

On the platforms like Google and Bing, healthcare service providers and practices can opt for different types of ads available. Ranging from text ads to display ads to carousals, one can deploy whichever suits best to their strategy, goals and the budget. Next big type of Ad is the remarketing Ad, where one can target the audience that didn't take any action despite being interested.

Facebook ads is said to be the best among all the available social media ads, as it has a larger user base by all of its owned platforms. Any advertisement on FB can further be extended to all of its owned platforms easily. If utilised properly, Facebook Ads can do wonders to any healthcare/medical business.

Here's a case study to give you an idea about the FB Ad possibilities - MEDICAL FB AD: CASE STUDY.

To conclude, getting medical leads for your business or practice is not that hard. All you need is a proper mix of the 3 definite ways mentioned above. Just remember, in order to be visible in front of your target audience, to be converse worthy for them, you need to be really proactive with all the possible tools you already might have at hand.

Rather than investing huge on newer tools and technologies, stress on those you already have and mix them with those I mentioned here in this post for you. In case, you need a consultation, please do contact us at aesthetic.knowledge.uk@gmail.com or use the CONTACT PAGE form.

Thank You!

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