5 Tips to Use Social Media for Healthcare Lead Generation

Ask yourself - where are your healthcare leads or your prospective patients? Where do they spend most of their time online? The answer in today’s context obviously is Social Media. US Bureau of Labour Statistics data says that people spend more time on social media sites than some day to day activities.

Healthcare SMM

Worldwide, on an average, people spend more than 2+ hours daily on social media. From this data, you can just imagine the possibilities of using social media for healthcare lead generation in the year 2020.

With the growing emphasis on ‘work from home’ under the fear/requirements of Covid situation the world is now into, the time spent on social media sites is increasing like anything! As a source to generate patient leads, you should jump into this bandwagon of social media, if you haven't yet! But at the same time, please keep it in mind that it requires a little caution and planning too. These 5 Social Media to generate healthcare leads are put forth here keeping such precautions and plannings so concerned.


The Precautions: Healthcare SMM

1. Be Aware of the HIPAA and Other Data Protection Compliances:

If you are operating from the US, HIPAA compliance must be maintained, while using social media to generate new leads. Similarly, in the UK, your social media activities must be DPA and GDPR compliant. The most common mistake you can make is to include any patient data without their consent. Don’t fall prey to that temptation of using ‘real patient data’. Be sensible; avoid using patient data as much as possible on social media. Rather, use case studies without revealing much of your patient info.

2. Use Images Wisely on Your Social Media:

Medical SMM - Lead Generation

It is not just your patient images that might land you in trouble, but the images of the models in your posts and website as well. As the best practice, any image which is not from a real patient should carry a note that it is a model and not a real patient.

With the advent of many free stock photo sites, many practices often fall short on mentioning the same. Do take good care of that for your own good on social media.

The Planning: Healthcare/Medical SMM

3. Have a Proper Objective Analysis and Set Up the KPIs:

Without making any move you won’t get anywhere. To make those moves on social media and to generate leads, you need to understand where you want your practice/business to be. Set up the objectives and the ways (KPIs) to track the progress of your activities towards the fulfilment of the objectives.

Strategy for Healthcare Lead Generation - SMART

For the KPIs, segregate your objectives into smaller measurable ones and set their performing indices. You may consider using the SMART model here, which says that your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

Depending on the objectives, you should decide on the SMM platforms to use that suits your clinic or practice best.

4. Devise a Strategy and an Action Plan:

The success in healthcare SMM lies in taking proper steps between devising a strategy and implementing it with a legit action plan.

Since you already have the objectives listed by now, devising a strategy shouldn’t be a tough task at this point. It is always better to sort out the strategy in different steps as per the different levels and stages of the objectives you have.

Once you are ready with the strategy, try to figure out all the plausible points where actions can/should be taken. Next comes the parts of role distribution and duty schedule - which basically tells us who will do what and where. Then the action plan would require a schedule to make things happen in a timely fashion. Any medical healthcare without a marketing schedule is bound to fail in social media marketing.

5. Create a Healthcare SMM Contingency Plan:

Remember the great Twitter hack of this era? Twitter accounts of Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Warren Buffet and many more were compromised and the fraudsters made around $1.8million out of it. It is said to be the biggest online heist of the 20th century.

So, what would be your plan if you find yourself in their shoes? Also, be aware that your account/s might not get the same attention like those high profile ones.

Healthcare Lead Gen - Social Media

What will you do? Answer lies in ‘precaution’! Yes, precaution is better than prevention! Your social media policies - both the internal and external along with the posting schedules, calendars and even the usage of the tools must have a contingency plan on a precautionary note. Be prepared, have a proper back-up plan in place.

For any password sharing with your staff or the marketing department, use PW keeper/access-sharing tools like LastPass, Dashlane, Innkeeper etc. An access sharing tool allows you to give access to anyone in your team without giving them the exact passwords, and you can remove them anytime you need.

Your contingency plan also must include the tools you use for your medical SMM.

Besides these 5 special tips, also do follow the basics of healthcare SMM, like:

  1. Optimising the profiles,

  2. Leveraging the CTA buttons, wherever possible,

  3. Use Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook Ads to generate new patient leads,

  4. Generate and use your ideal buyer persona using tools like Hubspot,

  5. Use social listening tools to find converse worthy updates,

  6. Leverage the Facebook/Linkedin groups with your unique value proposition,

  7. Use the image based SMM platforms like Instagram, Pinterest etc. to the best of your ability.

That's it folks! If you enjoyed reading this post or got an idea about generating healthcare leads using social media, please do share it forward! Thank You.

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