5 Ways to Generate Leads using Chatbot in 2020

Anyone understanding business will agree that lead generation is one of the most important steps of the funnel and a prominent part of for any healthcare or any other organisation.

Generating leads is vital, because (in layman terms) without it there won’t be any well defined set of contacts to sell your products or services. Every time a random person seeks out and shows an interest for a product or service that you provide, they become a potential lead from where one can build a relationship.

Even though lead generation has by now surpassed the stage of being a natural process, it always takes time to build a proper lead generation system. With the internet giving the power, generating leads marks the competition. It means that one must establish proper leads for their sales team to sustain their business. This is where the lead generation hero - The Chatbot comes into the scene.

Chatbots have been a game-changer ever since they were introduced in marketing. The bots initiate an engaging conversation with the visitors on the website 24/7, answering the queries filtered by the keywords. Chatbots are helping people find what they are looking for through a fully automated customer service, and eventually turn them into a sales lead. And here's the catch, According to a RDNet article, it is seen that the majority of the customers prefer chatbots with to-the-point answers than a human agent to answer their queries. Fascinating..... ain't it?

A per the popular site Outgrow, 56% of customers choose to message rather than call customer service. Chatbots are quick with their answers and offer a hassle-free assistance. An efficiently designed chatbot can strengthen and build the lifelong relationship with a prospect for a business and create a steady influx in lead generation.

Let’s see the 5 ways Chatbots can help you in generating quality leads:

1. Create your own Chatbot

The very first step is to get your own chatbot. Yes, believe it or not, creating your own AI assistant is really easy these days. You don’t need to have knowledge of coding to build your own lead generating chatbot because there are several websites that will do it for you. All you need to do is give them the details for your chatbot and voila! You have your own chatbot for your website. Efficient AI assistant will provide a quality lead generation with its ability to cater to your visitor's needs and enhance customer experience.

Tip: Look for platforms like Hellotars, ManyChat etc.

2. Focus on Leads with the help of Ads

Now a days everyone loves real-time engagements through messages more than even the emails they get. According to a recent research carried out by SmartInsights, compared to emails, Facebook Messenger has a 286% higher open rate and a 786% higher click-through rate. Thus, a chatbot in a landing page for the Ads you run for your healthcare facility is a good start to remind users about your business and draw them towards your products and services. It can prove to be an efficient tool in lead generation for sure!

Tip: Embed your chatbot into the landing page you use for Google/FB PPC Ads.

3. Strategically Be Human with your Chabot:

Start with a warm welcome message for your visitors. An engaging and interactive conversation can lead to a great way with your leads. And who doesn't like to engage in a pleasant conversation?

A welcome message will serve as the first impression of your business and help to make the leads comfortable with your website. This simple technique can encourage engagement and expand your lead generation efforts in a very effortless and compelling manner. Make sure your chatbot has more of a playful human-like personality rather than a cold robotic aura. Your leads would feel more familiar to the human-like personality and it will assist in building a long term relationship with them.

Tip: Think of your Chatbot as your customer care representative and give it a persona.

4. Collect Data and Feedback from your Leads

Pop-ups are becoming annoying. They are neither intriguing, nor engaging. Chatbots can easily replace the pop-ups in a very efficient way to generate leads sensibly. Chatbots are quick to collect user information in an interactive way and also helpful in conducting small surveys by having engaging interactions with your leads via providing an excellent customer experience and thus naturally receiving higher response rates. Gathering the information from your leads can help you provide a personalised experience to each one of them.

Feedback is precious, it can generate new opportunities. You can use your chatbot to collect feedback for your services, your products and the respective customer experiences etc. You can also use it to conduct your own small market research with predefined data. Feedback study from customers will reflect underperforming areas and help you to improve them. By doing this, you also make your future leads feel that they can rely on you with their interests. All this information can then be exported into a spreadsheet and you can make a well-read decision for your business with the help of your sales team.

Tip: While asking question minimise the use of marketing or niche specific jargons.

5. Appointment Setting

A well customised chatbot is also capable of scheduling and rescheduling appointments with patients/customers whenever they are short on time. Your prospective patients might have a busy schedule and offering them the convenience of setting their appointment as they get their confirmation message in seconds will relieve them from waiting for a long duration on hold. This will show that you value your patient’s time and also prove your bot’s efficiency. This simple trick is bound to satisfy your clients. Simply customising your bot to do so, you will be able to generate a great deal of quality leads.

Tip: Give your prospective patients/clients a limited scheduling option as per your own schedule.

Chatbots are the need of the present hour in healthcare and they are here to stay. As per Usabilla report, 96% of the businesses believe in chatbots and their efficiency in helping out their human counterparts (and not by replacing them). Using chatbots for lead generation, together with an interactive online chat and an ever-ready human team, your business will be more than capable of delivering services to your customers and will surely keep them happy and leave them satisfied.

Now that you have some ideas on how to go about your lead generation using chatbots, you can get started and boost your business. Good luck with your venture!

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